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Mina, then and now

April 7, 2011

Some of you might remember the eventful day of Mina’s birth. It was a hot day in August when Mina was born on the metal table of a maternity ward. I was blessed to catch her, clean her and feed her. She was so tiny, I wondered how she would grow. I heard that her parents were poor, and I decided then that I wanted to keep her for myself! I was sad at the prospect of sending her home from the hospital, knowing I would never see her again.

And yet, by a complete miracle, when she was one day old I saw her in her home (her parents turned out to be the neighbors of friends I was visiting). I had never been happier to see someone in my life. I was overjoyed to see her home, meet her family, and rest assured that she was being well cared for.

Now, seven months later, I am happy to report Mina is doing great. As God would have it, my dear friend Fenk became Mina’s nanny (of sorts) and has cared for her beautifully. Mina’s a strong, healthy girl… and her mother is expecting her fifth baby! Let’s hope I can deliver the fifth one as well 🙂

Mina, 1 day old

Mina, 7 months old

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